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Unofficial IRC channel is intended for Vyatta related conversations and community-provided support.


[edit] Channel Address

##vyatta at Freenode

To connect to Freenode use server address "", port 6667.

[edit] Channel FAQ

[edit] Why two hashes?

Because of Freenode policy. Channels are divided into namespaces and to register a primary (one hash) channel you need register a group and sponsor a new server. See Freenode FAQ page for details.

#vyatta also exists, but it's unregistered because of above difficulties and is inactive. Some people hang out there at times and redirect newcomers to the unofficial channel.

[edit] How do I ask a question?

  • Don't ask to ask, just ask your question and wait for response.
  • Sometimes it takes a long time to get response, be patient.
  • Provide as much information about your problem as possible. Minimal required information is your goal and your config that doesn't work.
  • Don't paste large amount of text to the channel (e.g. more than five lines). Use services like pastebin for it.
  • Include output of related operational commands ("show ip route", "show nat statistics" etc.) and logs to your paste.
  • Don't expect people to provide a complete solution of your problem.

[edit] Are there Vyatta employees?

There are. But they aren't a free support team, just like any other channel visitors.

[edit] Are there public channel logs?

No, and unlikely will be in the future.

[edit] Do you speak $languageName?

Channel visitors speak various languages, but all conversations on the channel are in English.

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